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The planet is cold and has geological features similar to that of Earth.

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Many people are creating hypothetical programs that would support life on Mars and there is a general idea present that humanity could colonize the planet successfully and turn it into their new home. It is like living in an expanding universe. The relatively bright, heavily cratered highlands are called terrae.

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Although Mercury has only a third the diameter of Earth, its density is about the same. It also contains methane. The Galaxies and Solar Systems Research shows that just like our solar system there are numerous other solar systems in the universe. Maybe sometime in future we may have expeditions where man lands on Mars just as we landed on the Moon one day. Regards, Sophia Like this post? Exploration of Mars: In spite of all our curiosities, no one has actually been able to venture into the planet. Essay on Life on Mars — Essay 4 Words Life on Mars is one of the mysteries that all the scientists in our world have been researching for over decades. In fact, Venus has the most hostile environment in the entire Solar System. I think they should adopt "stare decisis," Latin for "stand by that decided. Marsden said. It has a total of 79 moons. The availability of water on Mars has been confirmed because liquid water was found on the surface. Earlier it had nine planets. It is like being young again and finding out your family is larger than you thought.

Similarly, while Jupiter is massively big, Mercury is comparatively very small in size. Investigations on the habitability of mars: Investigations are ongoing on the assessment of the habitability of the mars in the past and also the possibility and probability of life on mars.

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If there was life on Mars, would it be possible for humans to live on it? There are a lot of people who believe that there is a presence of intelligent life on Mars but all we can do is waiting till the rumours are turned true. Brown said. The existence of life on Mars or probably its possibility is being discussed and the studies are yet to go through a long way before a conclusion. Similarly, while Jupiter is massively big, Mercury is comparatively very small in size. Astronomers are not alone in having a silly name problem, but they may be alone in agonizing so much about it. Boss described the process as "like trying to shovel frogs into a wheelbarrow -- they keep jumping out again. Our Moon The Moon has fascinated mankind throughout the ages. Williams said, "Up to this point I have been hoping for a consensus, but I guess we might need to go for a majority vote. Similarities: Studies and constant research have found oxygen content to be present on the surface of the red planet. The earth and Mars have a lot of similarities between them. But that turned out to be a false alarm, according to the committee's chairman, Iwan Williams of Queen Mary College in London. However, it is not as habitat-able as on Earth for humans to survive or breathe.

Sixteen asteroids have a diameter of km or greater. The bottom-line remains the fact that if aliens exist they might also be in the quest to find someone like them.

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