A comprehensive analysis of tartuffe by moliere

What must also be noted about this time is the fact that the Catholic Church and Politicians had a great deal of power over authors and playwrights. The first definition made by Highet is that a satire aims to expose what is wrong in our society as Moliere tries to do with religious hypocrites.

Everyone tries to convince her to recognize the truth, to no avail. When it was presented to the king in he liked it, but forbade Moliere to publicly produce it under pressure from the church.

Tartuffe analysis essay

For reasons unknown, King Louis lifted the ban and Tartuffe became a instant hit. It is clear that a just and pure marriage is valuable to a household, as well as to society as a whole. The King intends to return the strongbox, and to hold Orgon faultless since he knows Orgon is loyal to him. Cleante rebukes him for his rash insistence on pursuing an unlawful course of action. In the literary writings Tartuffe and The Death of Ivan Ilyich, we will explore the different family dynamics and how being dysfunctional plays a part in their lives. The fact that these two are too weak to see the truth is a basic human flaw as well as a major theme of the play, represented through their flawed characters. This perverse misunderstanding might be the biggest mystery of all. The fact that Orgon and Madame Pernelle are too weak to see the truth is the main driving force throughout the play. He proves how much he believes this after Damis tells him that Tartuffe was flirting with Elmire. As example, two of the play's main characters, Tartuffe and Orgon, fall prey to their overweening ambition. Moliere's choice of protagonist in this play happens to be the most blatantly ignorant character in the play. One of the main characteristics of the Age of Enlightenment was a push towards using reason over emotions to make decisions. The most obvious weakness shared between Orgon and Madame Pernelle is gullibility. Dorine, Cleante, and Elmire work to save the family, which only happens when Orgon admits his fault.

Lacanian philosophy, which focuses on language and the conflict that the male feels due to a disintegration of oneness, can be used to look at injustice as it manifests itself in the male conflict within the play.

Cleante has convinced Orgon not to assume that all religious men are frauds. Therefore, the play aims to mock religious hypocrisy, while suggesting its biggest fault is the way it maligns and compromises the glory of true religion. I will also be using specifics from Tartuffe, The Country Wife and The London Merchant, to show the shift from an aristocratic to middleclass society effected the drama.

It is clear that a just and pure marriage is valuable to a household, as well as to society as a whole.

tartuffe analysis

His son did not even have a chance to reverse the way he felt about Tartuffe. According to Lacan, a male child experiences conflict with his father, who is associated with language and thus otherness

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