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Although they organised in chapels, staged strikes, and some- times forced up wages, they remained subordinate to the bourgeois. Caterwauling could come from a satanic orgy, but it might just as well be toms howling defiance at each other when their mates were in heat.

French folklore attaches special importance to the cat as a sexual metaphor or metonym. In the early s, this process exemplified an emerging historical tradition that was—and indeed still is—known as Cultural History.

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Renfrew, C. He contextualizes a primary source within a greater culture, and then reflects that source back upon the culture in a way that is meaningful and compelling. It would be absurd to view the cat massacre as a dress rehearsal for the September massacres of the French Revolution, but the earlier outburst of violence did suggest a popular rebellion, though it remained restricted to the level of symbolism.

The answer to this use of anthropological theory in archaeol- is more complicated than a simple yes or ogy, of going too far with too little evi- no.

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The guilt extended from the boss to the house to the whole system. Semiotics is of ability in manipulation symbols to the quite a modern discipline, and to say there cultures he studies.

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Carnival was high season for hilarity, sexuality, and youth run riot — a time when young people tested social boundaries by limited outbursts of deviance, before being reassimilated in the world of order, submission, and Lentine seriousness. Rodrigues, C. Folklorists have made historians familiar with the ceremonial cycles that marked off the calendar year for early modern man. The ceremony took place with a great pomp in Metz itself, until it was abolished in So the revelry of the workers took the form of a charivari. At this point the master appeared. He selected details, ordered events, and framed the story in such a way as to bring out what was meaningful for him. The master did not even work with the men, just as he did not eat with them. The joke worked so well because the workers played so skilfully with a repertory of ceremonies and symbols. Leveille smashed its spine with an iron bar and Jerome finished it off. During a lavish dinner with the family, the priest defended the thesis 'that it is a feat of wit to cuckold one's husband and that cuckolding is not a vice'.

It gives an insight ceived source of their dificulty, i.

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Great Cat Massacre