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I had never had that before. James L. Hunt: I talked about you all the time Jim, because you hold such a giant place in my creative brain. Melvin goes to see Carol, who is hesitant, but agrees to try and establish a relationship with him. Melvin and Caroll going to eat fresh rolls in the wee hours of the morning. And so on one hand, you could say we were all spending too much back then. This is where test screenings help you. It becomes clear that Melvin has been destined by the filmmakers to become a better man: First he accepts dogs, then children, then women, and finally even his gay neighbor. He's the guy who knows the angles. Brooks , whose films " Terms of Endearment ," " Broadcast News " show original characters in unexpected lights. The relationship between Melvin and Carol remains complicated, until Simon whom Melvin has allowed to move in with him, as he had to sell his apartment persuades Melvin to declare his love for her. Plot[ edit ] Melvin Udall is a misanthropic best-selling romance novelist in New York City , whose obsessive—compulsive disorder has him avoiding stepping on sidewalk cracks while walking through the city, and eating breakfast at the same table in the same restaurant every day. Parents may want to use this opportunity to discuss a topic seldom considered by adolescents: the lives of parents beyond the needs of their children. I don't know if it's just the greatness of the actors overcoming an under-thought out script, or whether it's just the script concentrated solely on crafting great scenes one after the other, but not so much in coming up with a convincing through-line. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about

As a writer who works at home I do understand Mr. Brooks's gift for the right-on zinger and his sweet, rueful way of enjoying his characters' stubborn tics. Brooks: The movie felt that responsibility. Brooks: I just remember having a good time.

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The more money is at stake, the more that pressure is extraordinary, almost irresistible for someone who may do very well in Europe. It was also nice to see director Harold Ramis - the third Ghostbuster, after all - in front of the camera again, if only briefly, in a small part as a doctor.

Melvin is not a man ever destined to find lasting happiness, and the movie's happy ending feels like a blackout, seconds before more unhappiness begins.

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Running time: minutes. What helps him overcome these feelings? He uses a bar of soap once and then throws it out.

A film critic of as good as it gets

On this one, it was particularly difficult. What's the story? And yet, Nicholson's performance makes it not matter quite so much. Then he marches out to take his habitual meal in a nearby restaurant, where he lays out his own plastic cutlery. The pieces were in place. Although he initially does not enjoy caring for the dog, Melvin becomes emotionally attached to it. Sign in to vote. I kept it together the whole movie, but there were moments where I had tears coming down my eyes when Jack was unloading on me. Melvin earns his crust, absurdly, writing cheesy romance novels, and lives as reclusively as he can in a Manhattan apartment. Writers think somewhat like this: we like to be alone with ourselves in order to think. What was the original ending?

Brooks: I think there were word changes. After returning to New York, Carol tells Melvin that she does not want him in her life anymore.

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This guy's been changing through the entire movie! Brooks, the story written by Mark Andrus brings up not only very interesting characters but also very interesting issues. I auditioned and the story I heard was that you were politely, reluctantly willing to see me, because I seemed so not right for the part. The material here is right out of a silent weeper: Repentant Scrooge helps poor child to breathe again. We have to stay in it and keep trying. He eats at the same restaurant, sits at the same table, if someone is seating at his table he insults them to make them leave so that he has his table back, wants the same waiter Carol to wait on him, and takes forever to take a shower. Add your rating See all 11 kid reviews. She is overwhelmed at his generosity. It's weird. Was this review helpful? It's almost painful, watching the screenplay stretch and contort these characters to fit them somehow into a conventional formula--they're dragged toward the happy ending, screaming and kicking all the way.

You make choices for all sorts of reasons. Kinnear's affectingly played Simon, Mr. There was another scene from the script, where we look for the person who had beaten Simon.

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‘As Good As It Gets’ Turns Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear Look Back