An analysis of the character of amir in the kite runner by khaled hosseini

Amir begins to believe that life would be easier if Hassan were not around, so he plants a watch and some money under Hassan's mattress in hopes that Baba will make him leave; Hassan falsely confesses when confronted by Baba.

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Khan, who is dying, asks Amir to visit him in Peshawar. Baba appears to exemplify a man who lives by his own moral code, yet he is carrying a secret that if revealed, may undermine everything he stands for. Rape also is a descriptive term for what the civil war and later the Taliban does to Afghanistan.

His great desire to please his father is the primary motivation for his behavior early in the novel, and it is the main reason he allows Hassan to be raped.

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Hassan is Amir's closest childhood friend. Soraya is steady, intelligent, and always there for Amir when he needs her. Read an in-depth analysis of Hassan. He feels incredibly guilty but knows his cowardice would destroy any hopes for Baba's affections, so he keeps quiet about the incident.

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Amir seeks information about her at various points in the novel. Ali is Baba's servant, a Hazara believed to be Hassan's father. His relationship with Hassan only exacerbates this. Soraya is steady, intelligent, and always there for Amir when he needs her. He was adopted as a child by Baba's father after his parents were killed by a drunk driver. In doing this, as Hassan once did for him, Amir redeems himself, which is why he feels relief even as Assef beats him. He is later killed by a land mine in Hazarajat. Because Amir is unwilling to confront his own past actions, he admires Soraya for her courage in admitting to and moving beyond her past mistakes.

Amir would have loved to have had a loving relationship with Baba, and we who watch him struggle to find it identify with his need for parental approval. One died in a fuel truck trying to escape Afghanistan [an incident that Hosseini fictionalizes in The Kite Runner].

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Rahim persuades Amir to come to Pakistan, where he informs Amir that Hassan was his half brother and asks him to rescue Hassan's orphaned son, Sohrab. In many ways, Sohrab acts as a substitute for Hassan in the novel, and he is a central focus of the plot in the later sections of the book. Assef then badly beats Amir, breaking several bones, until Sohrab uses a slingshot to fire a brass ball into Assef's left eye. He makes a point of buying Hassan exactly the same things as Amir, to Amir's annoyance. His defining traits are bravery, selflessness, and intelligence, though his smarts are more instinctual than bookish, largely because he is uneducated. Nonetheless, even though Hassan is the victim of discrimination and class structure, he is completely devoted and loyal to Amir, both as his servant and as his friend. Amir commits terrible sins against his friend and half-brother, Hassan. Unable to have children of her own, Soraya willingly agrees to the adoption of Sohrab. Like his father, he is raped by Assef and later betrayed by Amir.

Hassan was actually Baba and Ali's wife, Sanaubar's, son and Amir's half brother.

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