An introduction to the history of women in greek theatre

Built into the slopes of the Acropolis—the Acropolis is a rocky up-cropping in the middle of Athens—this primordial theatre utilized the natural terrain to create a curved auditorium above and around a central playing area. After the conclusion of the war, Agamemnon brings a female prize to her home.

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The gods are even crazier than you! Reacting to her death sentence without anguish or desperation, but with indifference. There were youths dancing and maidens of the price of many cattle, holding their hands upon the wrists one of the other.

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During the fall of Troy, she sought refuge in the Temple of Athena, and was raped there by the Akhaian Ajax. It was Aeschylus who first increased the number of the actors from one to two and reduced the role of the chorus, giving first place to the dialogue.

Clytmnestra was certainly a villainess, but several underlying themes of the play also suggest that she both victim and heroine, as well.

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Ancient Greek Theatre