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Who wrote this essay? The "hemorrhage" of the moon intensifies the mob's rushing to capture Will; when they force him into the car, their breathing is described as "a dry hissing," an image linked to the sound a snake makes.

Again this sense of justice is based on prejudice. These are people on the periphery. We return to the present and Miss Emily's funeral. He questions the believability of Miss Minnie's charge, pleading with the group to consider how "a lady will kind of think things about men when there aint any reason to.

Faulkner also appears to be using symbolism in the story, particularly the weather.

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But for him and other bigots like him, a white woman's word is to be taken as the absolute and unquestionable truth. Still wondering if the rape truly occurred, the women are not convinced of Miss Minnie's accusations, but Will Mayes has had to pay for these charges with his life. Sherriff, Gina. She is driven to desperation by her "idle and empty days": She has no occupation, no social position, and no intellectual interests. But when something violent occurs, such as a rape or a murder, the entire black community reacts by disappearing, or, in Southern idiom, by becoming invisible. As the men's craving for violence intensifies, so too does the weather. Although her contemporaries married, Miss Minnie did not — but not because she didn't want to. Faulkner notes of the two men, "They looked like men of different races. It is also at the beginning of the story that Faulkner explores the theme of gossip and rumour. It is also interesting that Minnie appears to suffer a breakdown while she is in the movie theatre. When someone asks McLendon whether a rape really happened, he answers: "Happen? They can't be reasoned with, and they can't be physically stopped. This section returns to the actions leading up to and including the murder.

We must remember the discussion of the White Goddess concept as we form opinions about these men; it should surprise none of us that many characters, although they have their private doubts about the truthfulness of Miss Minnie's claim, do nothing to question her or to stop the killing.

Likewise, we hear, "This aint the first man scare she ever had.

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Cite Post McManus, Dermot. When young, Miss Minnie's attractiveness "enabled her for a time to ride upon the crest of the town's social life. Kibin does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of the essays in the library; essay content should not be construed as advice.

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