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What were 3 no more actions of the Confederation Congress that you are going to discuss? As you write, look back at the prompt and at your thesis.

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Students who do not take the time to plan their evidence often find themselves scratching out irrelevant information during the exam, thus wasting valuable time.

Do not attempt to shower the reader with extra factoids and showy language. Students analyze historical texts, interpretations, and evidence.

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Generally speaking, the short answers will ask you to demonstrate one of the following types of thinking: Explain Compare and contrast Extend Explaining will require you to describe as many relevant pieces of information as you can to answer the question. Understand your TASK question verb. In this invaluable resource, the chief reader of the AP Exam compiles feedback from members of the AP Reading leadership to explain how students performed on the FRQs, summarize typical student errors, and address specific concepts and content with which students have struggled the most that year. Here is an example of this type of prompt: Some prompts are very open. But the other thing we know about the New Deal is that in the end it didn't really work. Well, we could also mention labor. Primary and secondary sources, images, graphs, and maps are included. Check your thesis and your outline frequently. If for some reason you are running out of time when you reach the conclusion, you may leave it off without incurring a specific penalty on the scoring guide. The following need clarifying The following need clarifying Deal only with foreign policy decisions Deal only with foreign policy decisions You need to pick decisions that are BOTH different and similar between the early and the later time periods. Do not attempt to shower the reader with extra factoids and showy language. The government under the Articles of Confederation has been considered a failure. Write these down. Now this is the last essay that you'll be writing on the AP exam, and you get 35 minutes to do it, which is considerably shorter than the DBQ section, but the nice part about this is that you don't have so spend so much time looking at all of those primary documents. There is no specific format a short answer question will take: some may have sources for you to draw upon, others may not.

Think of PEPS as proper nouns words that need to be capitalized. So answer A.

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It raises a cry that liberty is in danger, at the very moment when it puts forth claims to powers heretofore unknown and unheard of… It manifestly seeks to inflame the poor against the rich, it wantonly attacks whole classes of people, for the purposes of turning against them the prejudices and resentments of the other classes.

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How to Approach the AP U.S. History Long Essay Question