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Some people look at them as just stories, just fictional books.

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If these aspects of the book offend some people, then those people can restrict their own children from the book. No single parent should have the right to restrict access to any book from any child for any reason.

By the end of the novel Tom's maturity has surpassed Huck's; and Tom's personal growth is evident in his insistence, in the face of Huck's desire to flee all social constraints, that Huck stay with the Widow Douglas and becomes civilized.

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Throughout my school years, teachers have pounded into my head how important it is to read. The terrible act of book banning must end before its dreadful effects infect the bulk of the nations population. School districts should not be given special exceptions to alter or ban these books. Book banning is most often successful at the young adult literature level. Public libraries, school libraries, and English classrooms are where these censorship attempts are being waged, often successfully. The various examples within the paragraphs are not tied together very well. Book banning in America does occur and takes many forms that have equal negative affects. How could a censor ever justify this? Depriving others of the chance to read is an unjust thing to do. A parent can easily request an alternate assignment instead of making the whole school suffer the loss of a piece of literature because they felt their child could not handle the contents of the book.

Publishers' responsibilities are to give the full meaning to the freedom to read by providing books that enrich the quality and diversity of expression. Books like The Hunger games, or FahrenheitEct.

Those who oppose Twain's Tom Sawyer argue that it presents poor role models to American youth, but in actuality it teaches them beneficial childhood lessons, such as freedom from social exclusion that Huck experiences.

Books Are Not Being Banned. Parents should have a right to say what their children cannot read, but they do not have the freedom to say what other parents children cannot access Sowell

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