Books versus tv

Not to mention the long-term benefits it brings, like the ability to see situations from various viewpoints, increased intelligence, and reduced stress. Berns concluded: "At a minimum, we can say that reading stories reconfigures brain networks for at least a few days.

reading vs watching videos

This will be described in as much detail as the author wants in print. A study of children from Los Angeles County showed children hearing a story produced more imaginative responses than did those seeing the same story on film.

replacing tv with reading

Extensive research in the past twenty years clearly shows that television bombardment of the child with continual acts of violence makes the child insensitive to violence and its victims.

Commercials are constanty bombarded our mind and thougth with sophisms and non-sense motivation by association to product we don't need. Like exercise develops the body, reading develops the brain in many different ways.

And what specifically are the benefits of reading compared to watching television or movies. Spending too much time watching TV may also result in anxiety and violence. That is for the unpractised reader may be more motivated for tv then books. You probably multitask because you are not fully engaged in the experience and not using mental muscles.

Unfortunately, however, reading a book can take up a lot of time. You might be able to imagine that a character had a hard life or a lonely existence through the portrayal of the character. TV wins. In breaking its programs into eight-minute segments shorter for shows like Sesame Streetit requires and fosters a short attention span.

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Reading a Book versus Watching Television