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National Youth Policy. Findings also corroborate the positive impact of brand equity on consumers ' responses. Future research could explore how corporate and product brands influence brand equity over time. This proposition stems from the emerging theory of brand commitment in relationship marketing Fournier, These findings suggest that aesthetic, functional and symbolic brands are separate constructs that combine to determine different types of emotional attachment and commitment related aspects of brand equity.

Commitment represents professed faithfulness and loyalty to the brand Fournier, Business Research Methods 9th Edition ed. H2b: Rational attachment has impact on brand equity.

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Malhotra, N. Journal of Marketing, 57, Gura, S. First, this study does not investigate the moderating role of other possible influential variables such as brand-schematicity. Marketing and the wealth of firms. Journal of Interactive Advertising, 7 Fall , Finally, the study concludes with a discussion of the results in terms of their managerial relevance and implications for future research.
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Brand equity Research Papers