Bryan cervical disc prothesis

Reports have also indicated that the risk of development of axial symptoms after anterior cervical discectomy with or without fusion is significantly related to cervical kyphosis 1291 These images reliably show hypermobility or hypomobility of the segment, height of the disc space, and significant changes due to arthrosis formation.

We have also studied the radiographs of our cases which did not develop kyphosis, and have found that overmilling of the endplate and asymmetric milling were the two main contributing factors of endplate kyphosis A major shortcoming of this design has been the inability to instrument more than one level.

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With the wide application of cervical artificial disc replacement, subsidence demands more and more attention from orthopedic surgeons. Posterior fossa venous anomaly and ipsilateral acoustic neuroma: two cases.

secure-c artificial cervical disc

Because cervical implants undergo osseointegration 75at revision the surgeon has to address the inevitable loss of bone stock, which may prejudice the outcome of the procedure. Cervical anterior interbody fusion is widely accepted as leading to a reduction in normal cervical spine motion and increasing the stress at adjacent levels 1, 9, Although Fernstrom focused on lumbar discs prostheses, he also placed these prostheses in the cervical spine.

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Outcomes of the Bryan cervical disc replacement: fifteen year follow