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Business-as-Usual vs Change: A particularly difficult thing to understand is that some of the business value of IT is just making sure the regular functioning of the organization maintains. When tasks can be automated, people who would normally accomplish those tasks in their day-to-day can focus on other key functions.

When this happens a company can become more competitive or even have an advantage in selling its products and services. These business needs are continuously changing. Ensure that IT and business employees understand how the company makes or loses money. Without an ongoing dialogue, IT may not be able to determine which IT services to offer or how to effectively allocate IT resources to maximize business value.

Moreover, organizations also use IT to ramp up their operations which are known as actualization of the benefits from the economies of scale.

It always pays to know your audience and your peers.

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You may also like. Measurement Of Business Value: How Much It Supports Core Business Companies measure business value according to how well it expands the capabilities of the products or services they sell. Business strategy is adjusted to account for IT to the extent of these limitations. However, the third one is where IT leadership should not only be forward-thinking in determining the ways in which the business can leverage new technology that puts them ahead of the competition but also up to the task of presenting key metrics as they build a case for new investments.

Cultural Alignment: Companies have personalities, and so do the departments within them. IT Business Value: A Major Shift in Thinking for CIOs Business value has long been the cornerstone of the entire technology practice but has only recently gained mainstream attention thanks to the growing pace of digitalization.

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CIOs Entering The Boardroom Despite the challenges, in the past two years, the number of CIOs joining boards have grown significantly, and I expect that number to rise in the coming year. BRM establishes and maintains a business relationship between the service provider and the customer by understanding the customer and their business needs. This step takes the list of initiatives and creates a roadmap for IT. IT must become a tool of transformation as well as a source of sustained competitive advantage. Differentiate the company — Technology can often differentiate a company from its competition. Strategic choices made by one organization frequently result in imitation by other organizations. Business strategy drives IT strategy planning. Managers may face ambiguity surrounding the differences between espoused strategies, strategies in use, and managerial actions, many of which may be in conflict with one another Chan and Reich,
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