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How are they solving their problems today? Offering drive-up, express rental return services will be seen as a much more attractive option compared to the hassle of renting bikes in Harrisonburg and transporting them to intended take-off points for rides. In what ways will you adapt if your initial efforts do not succeed?

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The key is to understand the market in general terms and then to dig deeper to understand whether there are specific segments within that market--the segments you plan to target--that can become customers and support the growth of your business.

While you don't need to include samples, taking the time to create actual marketing materials might help you better understand and communicate your marketing plans and objectives.

Examples of Good Survey Questions: Do you file your medical bills? Most small business equity sales are private transactions.

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These scenarios may require a conversation with your corporate finance advisers. Start your business description by writing a few brief sentences that give a concise view into the essence of the company, its services and products, its current position within the market, and the future vision for the company and its employees. But keep in mind marketing is not just advertising. After you complete your research you may feel a little overwhelmed. Include all the variables that can have an impact on the result or outcome of your idea. Any of these types of tools will do the job of helping you think through and write down your most important assumptions: What problem does your product solve? How will you compete in terms of price, product, or service? Therefore, 20 weeks is now 23 weeks. Also remember to talk to people who work in finance, marketing, law, or production to help you with certain elements of your business plan. Make sure it has good credentials and expertise. What problems do you solve?

The in-town bike shops will be strong competitors. Ferraris are awesome but you're unlikely to sell many where I live.

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Top tips: how to write a business plan