Comparison where the wild things are book and movie

Jonze demurred: "I am loath to say what the movie is supposed to be about, or not supposed to be about, because it's more interesting for it to have its own life. And Keener chimed in that the landscape is not unlike our myths of the Wild Wild West, where anything can happen.

where the wild things are movie

So the question becomes, is there enough material in the book to allow for a full-length film? And as a result, would it even be possible to follow oo closely to the text?

But sometimes the desire to stay close backfires, and the result is a filmed book that is unsatisfying. The movie's overall mood is dark, from the washed-out lighting to the at-times haunting score.

Without that, I don't really think I would have been able to make the movie, go down the path. The positive messages include Max helping the Wild Things for a while anyway solve some of their problems, come together as a tribe, act more inclusively toward KW's owl friends, and have more fun with each other.

One of the most amazing transformations from a book to a movie, in my opinion is Where The Wild Things Are. The monsters are huge and powerful, but they never hurt each other until Max incites them to do so.

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Where the Wild Things Are