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McLeod, p. It is difficult however to maintain that distance when comforting someone who is clearly distressed and upset and in need of affection and comfort.

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This demonstrates to client that you think they are very important and you care Langridge, This can be useful in training and well as looking at own techniques and re-examining them when fully qualified. It is about being able and willing to understand another person from their own point of view, without your own thoughts, feelings, opinions and judgements getting in the way of this understanding.

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At some point in their lives, people will find themselves in situations where they take on the role of counsellor without having had any training or understanding of the concept of counselling. In other words, counsellors need to apply all of the above principles to themselves as well as their clients.

Sincerity — a personal commitment to consistency between what is done and what is professed.

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The effect on the patient is immediate and shows how even just the common courtesy of acknowledgement or reassurance can really make a difference to the mental stability of someone struggling. The important aspect of which is, that it is a process that systematically involves a series of steps, and generally grows out of our human Non Directive Counselling 9 4. Saving the Marriage, Solving the Problem 7 4. Why Or Why Not? It is therefore necessary and common for a verbal agreement to take place to protect those concerned and to form a base for a trusting relationship to begin. I will give a greater understanding of both, and by doing so we will be able to more accurately decipher the two. I play the role of the counsellor, and another student plays the role of the client. There are many things to consider when building a therapeutic relationship with a child or young person and potential challenges will Ethics And Counselling As Everyday Practice At New Zealand Requires Ethical Sensitivity? Ethical practice within counselling is practice that adheres to a strict set of guidelines created for the purpose of ensuring patient and client safety as well as maximizing the overall outcome of the therapy sessions. The shift in how society dealt with mental health issues came about primarily due to the advent of the popularisation of science through the beginning of the industrial revolution. McLeod, J These boundaries are generally discussed and outlined during the first counseling session, although they may need to be discussed and adjusted at a later date. Justice — consideration of any legal requirements and obligations, and conflicts between legal and ethical obligations. For example some may benefit from having the additional support of knowing they can contact their therapist outside of counselling sessions, whereas in some situations this may promote the individual in becoming far too reliant on the therapist and therefore prohibit them from making positive steps. The Ethical Framework is made up of rules and regulations within which Counsellors and Psychotherapists strive to achieve in order to attain a high professional standard.
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Ethical practice in counseling Essay Example