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The presiding judge ordered for Sub Poena Duces Tecum and Ad Testificandum on some pertinent material witness for testimony and object evidence to be brought in the court such as the cell phone and the play money. The case of Rogers left me worried about young girls because if a father who is supposed to be the protector of his family is their greatest threat then who should be trusted? Describe the players in detail from your perspective. Purpose of a Court Observation Everyone is affected by the legal system in some way or another. Two more lawyers sat with me in the observation section awaiting their hearing. The Michigan Supreme Court also conducted a thorough examination of People v They have a wide range of chairs and furniture located in the side of the entrance while the front part was wide. There was also a gate that divided where I sat to the plaintiff and defendant stand. I watched the children but they did not know I was there. It is easy to relate much of which I learned during my visit to what I have learned in class through the lectures and assigned readings. While sitting in one spot for about 25 minutes, I observed many people doing many different things mainly driving. I learned that I had attended Superior Court in the civil division, which has general jurisdiction.

The actual viewing facilities themselves were not particularly comfortable; however, I do not suppose that they are designed for their comfort, but rather for their functionality.

The accused was named as Abu Bakr Klaw who was seated in a nearby bench from where I am sitting. Like the previous motion hearing, the judge did not decide weather any particular motion would be submitted or denied into the actual case stating that he would fax his answer later in the day.

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The case that was being handled at the time was a minor case which could not have made it to the news headlines This time, there were two lawyers representing the defendant and one lawyer representing the plaintiff.

Alexander, Michelle. I thought this was a great way of justice being served because it seemed fair for the defendant to not have to be held in custody while he is still preparing for his day in court.

Employees requested signature and identification from members using some of the installations like the gym, racquetball courts, swimming pool, and tanning beds.

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Therefore, he would serve as a great example to demonstrate various roles of typical President of United States as required by the Constitution At times this first hearing moved very quickly and was difficult to follow along and interpret, as I had no prior knowledge to the facts of the case, which were not discussed in the hearing. Through observation, mentors should attempt to provide the mentees with opportunities to gain deepening awareness of their teaching practices, personal values and beliefs Gebhard, I wanted to make sure that it was someone that to me was special. I then asked the guard if there were any trials currently in session and he told me of two. Being the only observer in the room, she even asked me what party I was representing. There we waited for the district attorney of Sonoma County, Jill Ravitch, to arrive. It is known to everyone that a court is a place where disputes can be settled while using the right and proper procedures. These court systems play a huge role in the safety of the citizens. I composed myself then rang the doorbell, the gate unlocked and made my way through the playground toward the reception area. My observation assisted in my understanding of the changes in Child C as the week progressed over the 12 weeks. Hank Morgan is a nineteenth century mechanic who is transported back thirteen centuries to medieval Britain, during the time of King Arthur. He stated that he would fax his decision to each party later that day. This case was scheduled to start at 9 a. These details will enliven your court observation.
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