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When airing on television p. The men are stripped down and hosed off like hardened criminals. In the filmed version, McMurphy hijacks a waiting institutional bus and instructs the film's principal male cast to participate in an act of rebellion.

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Gambling is illegal in the ward, but McMurphy declares that he was sent to the institution "to bring [the inpatients] some fun an' entertainment around the gaming table" p. McMurphy is lobotomized, but before the ward can see him in his vegetable-like state, Chief Bromden smothers him with a pillow, and then breaks down a wall to freedom.

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The film balances a scene of McMurphy unsuccessfully trying to lift a basin with the scene of Chief lifting it successfully and flinging it through the window while avoiding the scene of Chief lifting it to win a bet for McMurphy.

While there is not much about Nurse Ratched in that part, Chief Bromden, the narrator of the story, notices that the Combine is working on the outside too — with commuters and houses and children p.

He had previously been working at a farm where he engaged in a wild lifestyle. Operant conditioning is the main conditioning used to treat patients in the film. The film also softens McMurphy's more objectionable behavior in the book.

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Nurse Ratched sees the change in McMurphy, and to gain total control of the ward, she demands penance for the insubordination during the World Series. He is the eyes and ears of the place, but ironically no one knows it. Other actors include real hospital superintendent Dr. In addition, Chief eventually becomes fully communicative in the novel while muttering only one phrase — "Juicy Fruit" — in the film. It upsets both the characters in the story and the reader reading the novel. Chief Bromden felt he was doing the right thing. According to behaviourism, behaviour can be studied in a systematic and observable manner with no consideration of internal mental states. The revolution in the novel mirrors the way people tried to revolutionize in the United States in the sixties. This school of thought suggests that only observable behaviours should be studied, since internal states such as cognitions, emotions and moods are too subjective. When airing on television p.

This passage causes the reader to feel queasy and disheartened; the hero is dead. McMurphy is remembered as a symbol of resistance, and as a hero against the authority that had cowed the patients for so long.

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This book was first published ina time of when much turmoil in the United States was beginning. Other actors include real hospital superintendent Dr.

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: The Film and the Novel