Eriksonss psychosocial theory essay

erikson stages

It is a very interesting theory, and although it was influenced by Sigmund Freud, it centers more on the social component rather than the psychosexual stand of Freud. Whereas the opposite, neglect and failure, give the child a sense that he or she is worthless, a feeling of inferiority.

He was born on June 15, in Frankfurt, Germany. The children that can complete this stage with success develop a sense of confidence and security, but those who do not succeed are left with a feeling of self-doubt Van Wagner, One of the greatest reasons why Erikson was interested in psychology was because of things that happened in his early life.

Those in my life have helped me find a sense of identity and figuring out who I am really am and what I am made of. My mother was single, and came from Mexico to the U.

People may believe in one over the other as they are both different theories.

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Psychosocial Theory Essay