Financial statement analysis project

Hint: you might want to consider items discussed in other business classes. One professor takes industry suggestions from the class with the restriction that there be sufficient companies so that no more than two groups will have to analyze the same pair of companieswrites the suggestions on the board, and asks students to vote for their top two choices.

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Financial statement analysis project

The paper does not have excessive grammatical or other writing errors. While there are many valuation approaches, the most common is a type of discounted cash flow methodology.

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In addition to faculty evaluations of the papers and presentations, students are required to reflect on the processes that their teams followed and to evaluate the performance of the members of their teams. If you were making a decision to invest in one of the two companies, which company would you choose? Kimmel, P. The appropriateness of paying or increasing dividends, and the trade-off between paying dividends and reinvesting in the company; and! During this introduction, the professors emphasize the variety of comments that one might make. The importance of determining whether an investor is looking for short-term returns or long-term growth. The project included here has only six requirements, which are completely detailed on a single page.

Teammates whose scores average between 1. A copy of the team evaluation is included in Appendix 3.

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Introductory Discussion Once the groups are formed and the industry is decided, the professors hand out copies of the assignment sheet, grading rubric, team evaluation form, and suggestion sheet for obtaining annual reports Appendices 1, 2, 3, and 4. Prepare forecasted financial statements. The relative standing of the company in customer satisfaction rankings and in market share;! The impact of government regulations;! The importance of determining whether an investor is looking for short-term returns or long-term growth. The grade for the written paper is determined primarily by four factors: the level of understanding demonstrated; the relevance of the items discussed; the cohesiveness of the arguments presented; and the quality of the writing. In the past, a third professor chose the industry for the class, allowed groups to choose a base company from a list flipping a coin to determine which group would receive a company with multiple requests , and assigned a common company for comparison.

The total present capacity of the company isMT. Second, the papers will be reviewed for content and will be graded using the following rubric " points: The paper is well written, free of grammatical and other writing errors, and well organized.

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The risks and appropriateness of obtaining financing through debt or equity;! There are generally six steps to developing an effective analysis of financial statements.

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