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Contemporary scholarship tends to assume that translation does not offer a true understanding of the foreign text or a valuable contribution to the knowledge of literature, domestic or foreign.

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Reiss, K. Category Shifts The definition of the category is a group of things that have certain features in common. Faithful Translation This method takes into account the context, so a translator sorts phrases according to the structure of the target language, and searches for contextual meanings of specific phrases.

Western theory of translation

Atti del Seminario: Traduzione e computer: le nuove tecnologie nella traduzione assistita. Perelmann, Il dominio retorico, Einaudi O. Traduzione, revisione e localizzazione nel Terzo Millennio: da e verso l'inglese Franco Angeli: Milano. Menin, R. According to Ratna , descriptive analysis requires a description of facts, with deep understanding of the context and explanation of specific features. Indeed, translation solutions differ among translations because they are influenced in a remarkable way by a hierarchy set up by the translator and his interpretation of the text. Dalbernet and Vinay also mention transposition, as a process of replacing certain word-classes with others, without losing the general meaning of the source. Each student gets two texts. There is no specific criterion which permits the adoption of a source or a target oriented translation method as the best way of translating.

Every student must explain his or her choice. However, this is not the whole process, since after that a translator has to create a final version, which is a target text with a new structure.

These problems are caused not only by different vocabularies, but also by different grammatical structures, and spellings. Thurmair Eds.

Translation theories explained

These problems are caused not only by different vocabularies, but also by different grammatical structures, and spellings. Computers in translation. Starting from the reflections this stirred up, I chose some points and focused on them. This is a deviation of meaning itself. Dalla teoria alla pratica. Research Methodology According to Larson, translation is a process of transferring meaning of the sentence from the source language to the target language. And often the translator is the one to be blamed. Was ist Globalisierung?

Rudys and D. According to Catfordtranslation implies replacement of the source text with equivalent target text.

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(PDF) Translation Theories, Strategies And Basic Theoretical Issues