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He dies in the emergency room because no doctors come to help him. How does Esperanza feel about her marriage? It's really helpful in understanding why Sandra Cisneros writes the way she does. How does his crying make her feel?

After rereading the story "My Name," write about your own name. I had to take jobs when someone would open a door for me—another friend or colleague or woman—and then I could take a part-time job maybe for a semester.

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So, in fact, [it was] a good long decade for me. It was no longer a memoir and became a novel. I made those sacrifices from my heart and it meant my thirties led to a very unusual life. How does Esperanza make friends with Lucy and Rachel? I started it while studying poetry in the Iowa MFA program and trying to write about something only I knew about that my classmates could not be an authority on. While Alicia had to take the role of her mother, Esperanza takes over for her father. How does Esperanza feel about her two languages—and by extension, about her two cultures? Many of the stories in House are based on the lives of her own students, the women to whom Cisneros dedicated the book. How do you think her house might look to a stranger? From the information Cisneros provides, do you believe that his death was inevitable? Elenita puts out the Tarot cards and sees jealousy, sorrow, and luxury. How do they tie in to themes Cisneros develops elsewhere in the book? After all, she's had a long career as an educator, so she wants you to understand how writing works and why she does the things she does. They tell her to make a wish, so Esperanza does, and then they tell her it will come true. In what way does Esperanza reconcile her longings to escape Mango Street with her loyalty to her origins?

Describe the relationship between Sally and her father. I was very much influenced by experimental fiction, specifically Dreamtigers by Jorge Luis Borges. She has worked as a teacher to high school dropouts, a poet-in-the-schools, a college recruiter, and an arts administrator.

How do you think her house might look to a stranger? What do they want to leave? Although Cisneros uses language as a recurring metaphor for the gulf between Mexican-Americans and the majority culture, what keeps Esperanza Cordero and her family and friends locked in their barrio is something more obdurate than language: a confluence of racism, poverty, and shame.

How does she feel about it?

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