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In Maggies case this performance is mostly forced upon by others, while Carrie is an active participant herself. Another key difference between both heroines has to do with the way in which they are treated by the community in response to their adulterous relationships.

Crane, probably due to the brevity of the novella, uses symbolism and draws static characters, stereotyped and deeply marked by an environment from which they cannot possibly escape.

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Knowing and the Known. Cambridge University Press, Carrie leaves Hurstwood because he fails to provide her with the lavish life she wants. Those that do not are trapped by their deterministic environment, which can only lead to misfortune or even death as we see in the case of Maggie. Maggie continues to be suspicious of her sister's late night activities, especially when she finds Max using Carrie's laptop. New York: Harper Perennial, Zola, Emile. Look ut her! Pizer, Donald, ed. It seems that her fate was marked even before she was born, and that she could have done very little in order to change the course of events. In some way, she has sacrificed happiness and personal well-being for money and material possessions. Her life also seems like a play but unlike Maggie, Carrie plays her role well. Crane portrays Maggie as the face of poverty itself.

Many precepts from the Victorian Morality model were incorporated to patriotic discourses in the US, and some of them still endure in the most conservative and fundamentalist stratum of American society. The foundations of literary naturalism were established by French writer Emile Zola in his essay Le Roman Experimental.

Dreiser Web Source, Carrie and Hurstwood run off to New York, where they discover that married life is far less exciting than their affair. In other words, she adjusts to the Social Darwinist precepts and is able to succeed by proving to be more determined than those who surround her.

The stories of these women are complex but the women are portrayed in a very simple way typical naturalistic character feature.

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In other words, she is a 20 product or a victim of capitalism, a system which spreads the idea that the richer you get, the happier you will be. During her childhood physical and mental abuse was everyday life. Furthermore, the vocabulary that he uses is well-chosen and remarkably elevated.


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