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The consequences of teenage pregnancies mentioned in this review paper are similar to those described in previous studies [ 42 - 46 ]. Sawyer SM, et al.

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Thompson VL, et al. Gavin L, et al. Viegas OA. Such activity may create risks of unwanted pregnancy if it is combined with a lack of knowledge about the body and contraception [ 37 , 38 ]. Singh S. They also told that they are not getting proper rest because of the baby. The samples were teachers, parents and students. One study has reported that Hindu religion is associated with high teenage pregnancy; however it did not describe what major factors contributed to create such scenario.

Gavin L, et al. Sex Transm Dis.

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Both social and medical consequences of teenage pregnancies are reported consistently along the most of the studies. The study was conducted in selected Hospital at Moradabad, UP.

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Teenage girls need information about local health services, and at the same time they also want to be assured that the confidentiality is maintained at each step. Recommendations:- In view of the finding and limitation of the present study. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. Lack of proper sex education in schools, unavailability of reliable contraceptive methods and when poor coitus communication Kanku. This research approach is helpful to get deep information regarding way of thinking and feelings of adolescent mothers regarding teenage pregnancy. BMC Public Health. Gerholm L. WHO guidelines on preventing early pregnancy and poor reproductive outcomes among adolescents in developing countries. Adolescence: a foundation for future health. The average global birth rate between years old is 49 per girls according to world health statistics in a year WHO, SEP A further study can be conducted on other age group also. Human papillomavirus vaccine initiation among adolescent girls in high-risk communities.

Conclusions: Adolescent pregnancy gives a negative impact on teenagers, parents and the fetus. Sex Education. Judith, Herman. Each transcript verbatim was read carefully and read the verbatim several times to creating the themes.

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Nurses can also increase their own knowledge and skills to improve delivery of evidence-based sexual and reproductive health services and initiate parent-based adolescent sexual and reproductive health counseling. Statistics show that teenage pregnancy is higher in India other than other countries like in UK 24 per women and in US were 42 per women According to a United Nations population fund report in Reproductive Health Matters.

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