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Unfortunately, India is largely dependent on imported petroleum to meet her needs. This article evaluates the ways in which oil and natural gas can be conserved, and describes the expected results of these conservation measures. It is an important forses that has dominated our lives. These forms of transport, too, have to be specially constructed to give maximum safety from fire. There are also many important pipelines in the Middle East, the longest being the Tapline i. Energy consumption can be reduced in many ways reduced no of parties and long drives with friends, less nightouts and effective use of daylight for work and studies, promoting the concepts of using fluorescent lamps instead of incandescent bulbs and many more ideas can be heralded by the younger generation to reduce electricity consumption and help in oil reservation indirectly. Rail tank waggons may have a capacity of between 14 and 35 tonnes. The former method was used by Edwin Drake and the earlier drillers for drilling shallow wells of not more than metres 2, ft. Even among those very few candidates many and the brightest ones leave for abroad to join foreign research projects when their country needs them most. Petroleum currently provides 90 per cent of energy used for transportation, and while its benefits are astounding, the use of petroleum-based technologies also has cost. The bitter truth is being a non renewable resource the oil sources are dwindling all across the world. I beg to differ with such kind of parametric definition. In this way, this essay contest program plays a major role in publicizing the Free petroleum papers, essays, and research papers. The steel pipes are coated with bitumen and wrapped in protective glass fibres before they are laid in the ground, to prevent corrosion. Energy is all around us.

In modern workplaces its a matter of disgrace if a middle or high ranked employee arrives in a bicycle. The issue of time can be addressed with better time management and adopting a more efficient lifestyle.

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Some small wells last only a few days before being exhausted. Transportation and Storage of Petroleum: Petroleum is one of the few liquid commodities that is traded in large quantities and transported over long distances.

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Lawrence and Great Lakes, and Vancouver on the Pacific coast. The lead compounds emitted by vehicles using leaded petrol affects the normal functioning of the nervous system, the worst affected being children who become victims of brain hemorrhge. They own individual two wheeler or four wheeler cars for reaching their destined institutions or workplaces. Its pipes are 76 cm 30 inches in diameter and have a carrying capacity of more than 20 million tonnes a year. The use each of following conventional energy resources affects the environment at some stages from its extraction to its end use. Extraction becomes difficult when the pressure in the well becomes low but in some cases this difficulty can be overcome. Oklahoma City was a small town in with barely 9, inhabitants. Not all oil wells are gushers. Even if vehicles are used correct driving practice must be adopted by the youths sudden speeding, breaking, clutch riding, overloading should be avoided. Donald Trump has denied the position that there is indeed a global warming but only climate change. Vehicular emissions and other air pollutants have corroded historical monuments such as the Victoria memorial in Calcutta, the Red fort in Delhi and the Charminar in hyderabad. Essay 3. At the same time, lower speed is a safety measure. The most familiar sights in the oilfields are the great steel towers or derricks, 35—60 metres — ft high, which mark the places where the oil is being drilled. Also the vehicles must be regularly serviced and checked for emission controls.

The role of the youths comes here a sizable amount of alcohol consumption is done by the younger generation.

Modern super-tankers may carrytonnes of oil or more.

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These are all awareness issues and have to be addressed by campaigns and programs. Before trial wells are drilled geologists study the surface rock outcrops from aerial photographs or in the field to determine the geological structure. Field interactive programs like seminars, Technical meets, Consumer meets, Workshops, Clinics, van-publicity, Exhibitions, Kisan melas are conducted for dissemination of conservation messages and demonstration of conservation techniques. Therefore they are non-renewable resourses. Commercially used drilling bits are of three kinds. Cylindrical storage tanks capable of holding over tonnes of oil each became a common sight in many city suburbs. Among the developing countries India has secured a special position because we have the youngest workforce among the large economies, which even China doesnt have. Railways have initiated several measures to achieve high degree of energy conservation. Pipelines are easily damaged by saboteurs from unfriendly nations or by local anti-government groups and a watch is maintained to forestall such attack. Other important areas To use oil products more efficiently we need to constantly develop and modify the production and consumption methods. Rock strata are often subject to folding as a result of earth movements, and are arched up as anticlines or domes. Propane and butane may in future be more widely used to power vehicles as they cause less pollution. Awareness programmes for each sector need to be developed and then extensive publicity of the measures which would bring about savings need to be undertaken to bring about the desired results. Even impurities such as sulphur are collected for use in the chemicals industry.

An oil truck can carry as much as 18, litres 4, gallons of petrol or For short distances bicycle is a very good medium of transport. Therefore, there is considerable interest in reducing our reliance on petroleum-based technologies. Mixed-Base Oil: This is an intermediate group with mixed properties of the lighter and heavier oils.

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But ultimately the production decision is dependent upon end users so the youths if they opt to own a car, must give preference to flexible fuel vehicles.

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