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After the invention of coins started, a meaningful system of banking came into existence taking into account all the avenue of banking a credit system. The RBI acts as a centralized body monitoring any discrepancies and shortcoming in the system. Therefore, the implementation of those resolutions emerged by the banks.

Will you produce specific internal reporting for Credit, Market and Operational Risk? In case of derivatives as in broader sense derivatives are considered to be used to hedge against market risk, but they can be used to mitigate various other types of risks, like credit risk, operational risk.

High costs for up-gradation of technology: Full implementation of the Basel II framework would require up-gradation of the bank-wide information systems through better branch-connectivity, which would entail huge costs and may raise IT-security issues.

The RBI has already structured the risk profile templates to enable the bank to make a self- assessment of their risk profile. Land development banks 6. To which of the following types o Public sector of banks does your bank o Private sector belong?

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For any type of credit, risk increases as either the probability of default or the loss given default increases. Have you completed a review of potential IT solutions available?

Encouraging ratings of issuers would be a challenge.

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Even information on creditworthiness of counterparties that are known to take substantial risk can also help. Operational risk includes the risk of loss arising from fraud, system failures, trading error and many other internal organizational risks as well as risk due to external events such as fire, flood etc. These expenses can be severe to the point that they may make it hard to run a gainful association. Acting as agents for governments or local authorities or any other persons. Welfare measures ought to be received by the associations in an approach to take most extreme care of the representative and its family, on the off chance that anything happens. Commercial banks 4. Lack of precise knowledge: as to how operational risk costs will be charged. The spread and nature of the ownership structure is important as it impinges on the propensity to induct additional capital. The RBI acts as a centralized body monitoring any discrepancies and shortcoming in the system.

In India ancient records show that banking was popular and money lending was a common practice among the common people. There has been a phenomenal expansion of branch network particularly the hitherto under banked areas.

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MBA Banking Projects Reports