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They are becoming direct competition adding caffeine into their drink making it a stimulation drink. Red Bulls new mission at this time is to carry this social media movement to the United States. Hence, the symbolic meaning of Red Bull is massively important in sending its meaning to consumers. Their focused advertisements are towards young people. How Red Bull woke up the teen market. We Are Development, 28 Dec. They had a selective sales strategy by identifying five key accounts in their area hot spots, clubs and bars with the in crowed. The success factors of Red Bull discussed in the case are mentioned below, Its attention, controversy, and discussion which have kept the product alive. The shows can stream live on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, with just a simple download and there are even breakdancing and music apps you can download from the Red Bull record label app

The case study also highlights how Red Bull has diversified itself and has become a prominent force in the digital media empire. Analysis of competitors For the purpose of this report, the competitor analyses will focus mainly on the UK market1.

From the Red Bull case study Kumar at al.

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Journal of Sponsorship, 3 4pp. M, McQueen, C. Possible Alternatives Red Bull has yet to comment on the adverse effects of their product.

In conclusion, Red Bull has been facing some challenges regarding stagnation in consumption of its products and slight pressure from its competitors. USA prices: 8. Red Bull has secured distribution channels that make it hard for competitors to enter the market.

Red Bull GmbH. Decrease the amount of taurine and caffeine that is currently used in Red Bull. All of the social and mobile media marketing tools used allow Red Bull to easily reach out to consumers and keep them update with their news.

Possible Disadvantages Due to the high price, the product may simply be too expensive for lower income demographics.

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