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Read more about safety at BHP "While this Report is a snapshot of our performance in FY, our commitment to sustainability began long ago. And of course, there were other cases of concerned citizens having an impact this year, with notable success. We witnessed groundbreaking policy changes and shocking political backward steps. This methodology differs from the data reported in [section], which is calculated based on the average of the number of employees at the last day of each calendar month for a month period to April and in accordance with our reporting requirement under the UK Companies Act Since deployment, we have completed more than one million field leadership activities with our employees and contractors, which highlights how well this program has been embedded into our daily leadership routines. The authors have criticized the disparity between malnutrition and an overproduction of food: One third of food worldwide ends up in garbage cans or is disposed of unused, even though more than million people are malnourished, according to the authors. In June, the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures released recommendations suggesting how companies could account for their climate-associated risks, helping connect the pressing global issue with the bottom line. On top of this is soil pollution: More than two-thirds 78 percent of all countries surveyed are in the red for nitrate pollution caused by fertilizers and pesticides, and have thus scored poorly. This is not surprising given that the brand will need to disseminate these standards across a large number of suppliers while using its influence to effect change in their businesses. They are also responsible for verifying fatality risk controls that are behavioural in nature and ensuring that elements of our HSE management system are working as intended. Across the resources sector we expect to see a trend of increasing recognition and reporting of long latency diseases. In addition, there is a lack of budget commitments for the implementation of the UN goals. And for good reason. Unfortunately, these goals were absent in key aspects that would have benefitted the brand the most - environmental footprint and sustainable sourcing.

These events were not injuries that had fatal or serious potential. Init reported a five point improvement in its eco-points, but again, I have no idea what the starting point is. There are inherent hazards in many of our operations, because of their nature and location.

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These fit perfectly within each pillar of sustainability. Every year, it would have to incorporate at least five ingredients into this list to be able to make its target. Christian Kroll What began as a historic summit could end up as mere lip service. Our safety performance Total recordable injury frequency TRIF performance increased by five per cent to 4. Following both events, teams were established to identify organisational improvements that could prevent similar events from occurring again. Apart from the "No Poverty" and "Quality Education" goals, the G20 countries are responsible for around half of the implementation gaps in achieving the goals, according to the authors. Through Field Leadership engagement and formal awareness programs, we are improving the identification and management of the hazards that cause sprain and strain injuries in task-based risk assessments done by the workforce every day. One goal towards this is to increase the number of ingredients from direct community trading e. The authors have criticized the disparity between malnutrition and an overproduction of food: One third of food worldwide ends up in garbage cans or is disposed of unused, even though more than million people are malnourished, according to the authors.

Christian Kroll What began as a historic summit could end up as mere lip service. These form part of the performance scorecard for our executives in FY and include: increasing leaders coaching field leadership activities; identifying and analysing critical control failures and implementing improvement plans; ensuring all risks that have behavioural controls are covered and completing the field leadership activities to plan; timely completion of actions to address critical control failures.

Our initial focus was on culture, aimed at reducing the stigma associated with mental illness and raising awareness of mental health conditions, as well as building capacity and confidence to recognise and support individuals experiencing mental health issues.

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The Body Shop has expanded its sustainability focus from just animal testing though. The identification and more effective control of manual handling hazards will open up employment opportunities to a much more diverse workforce and reduce the inherent risks to the existing workforce.

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In other words, these countries have already met three quarters of the requirements of the UN goals. Other examples of external costs include intense demand for palm oil in industrialized countries, fueling deforestation in the tropics, or support for tax havens and secret accounts that can also contribute to the misappropriation of public funds or development funds; money that is urgently needed in developing countries. The Body Shop stores are an obvious area where environmental footprint can be reduced. It would be interesting to see how much headway will be made in World leaders came together to make progress on the agreement, but some were already calling for the US delegation to be banned from talks. We set minimum mandatory controls to identify and manage health risks for both employees and contractors. In addition to the Resilience Program, we developed a centralised resource to help our people improve their mental health and support colleagues, friends and family: the Thrive mental health toolkit. In , it established four bio-bridges to protect

Thrive includes simple tip sheets for a range of mental health concerns, such as depression and anxiety, and stages of life that can be challenging, such as caring for ageing parents, retirement and becoming a parent.

Over this time, we have worked hard to strengthen safety and improve our environmental performance, and we will continue to make progress towards our long-term targets. We have established the following lead indicators for field leadership to track the quality and further enhance the overall program.

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