Should smoking be banned completely

Smoking ban in public places

The most important reason to ban the sale of cigarettes, however, is that most smokers do not even like the fact they smoke; cigarettes are not a recreational drug. If no consumer is buying then gradually the seller stop selling by this way we can ban the smoking. Sheard, UK Fantastic idea - there is nothing good about smoking at all. Not in the country but in the whole world. The answer is here below. Passive smoking is very dangerous for the ones who live near chain smokers. May In my opinion, if we will ban smoking completely it will bring chaos in the country. Activities of the Research Department for Chris Hunter, England I would love to see smoking banned in this country but I can't see it being enforced. One option that deserves more attention is the enactment of local or national bans on the sale of cigarettes. It is right of the consumer to choose whether to buy it or not. I think those who are less than 18 and unaware about the consequences of smoking, should not be allowed to smoke.

Tobacco manufacturers have a long history of promising to stop the production of cigarettes, should they ever be proven harmful. We have to aware students and childrens that smoking is injurious to health.

I will also illustrate how to write the introduction and conclusion paragraph of the smoking essay. Forest should be ashamed of itself by trying to justify self-destructive behaviour by linking it to human rights. Smoking women respond poorly to in vitro fertilization Dechanet et al If someone wants to smoke, drink, overeat, drive to fast, bungee jump off a bridge, sky dive without a parachute, it's their choice.

If smoking were banned, the only effect would be a massive black market, with Britain a gravy train for global organised crime.

These translate to a total of 1, USD per day Wing et al. There are laws to protect the Non Smokers too.

should smoking be banned completely essay

Cigarette manufacturing consumes scarce resources in growing, curing, rolling, flavouring, packaging, transport, advertising and legal defence, but also causes harms from massive pesticide use and deforestation.

How would it be enforced?

should tobacco products be completely banned

The economy will also be hampered as the government taxes will diminish due to the downfall of the cigarette companies.

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Should Smoking be Banned Completely?