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Who Invented Cuneiform? They listed their sales and purchases.

sumerians writing system

Before this writing system was developed, people used pictures to communicate and record ideas. These first pictures were of things that could be seen, like kings or floods. Now, take a look at this clay tablet: A tablet with cuneiform characters Just like the letters on this page, these lines and wedges make up a symbol system called cuneiform.

They were symbols which represented speech sounds and went beyond the simple image of the pictographs to help provide more meaning. We know a great deal about the ancient Sumerian civilization from the written records they left behind.

mesopotamia the development of written language

Later influence of cuneiform This approach to writing could be understood by people from different tribes and so it was used as a way of communicating for a long period of time by many different cultures. Later this form of writing was adapted to other languages in Mesopotamia, such as Assyrian and Babylonian.

Cuneiform project

The same sort of thing happened in Egypt, when they found the Rosetta Stone , which helped scientists understand ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. We resized the key so that it fit. He provided the first translations from the library. There are many cuneiform tablets that are still waiting to be translated, and more ancient tablets still being found today. It was only replaced by alphabetic script at around BC. The letters were carved using a flat-ended reed, a piece of river grass, that was shaped into a stylus. It was used for a range of creative purposes too. Download it here PDF. In addition, these symbols and meanings were not the same in all the regions of Mesopotamia and changed over time. Assyrian Universal Alliance Foundation The Assyrian Universal Alliance Foundation AUAF is a non-profit organization inspired by Assyrian heritage, serving as a bridge between traditions and different generations in the hopes of building a stronger, more connected community through our various programs. The clay strip would then be used to seal a range of objects, from doors to jars. Use a twist tie to seal. One of the most impressive works of literature was the Epic of Gilgamesh.

This picture told the story of an ancient king, his servants, and some prisoners. A range of different clay tablets were used. The story was told in pictures, in cuneiform, and in another writing similar to an East Indian language that Henry Rawlinson already could read and write.

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Cuneiform: Lesson for Kids