The benefits of eating insects

They're also much more environmentally friendly to farm. Farming and harvesting insects takes very little water and transport fuel compared to livestock, grains and even vegetables. You can also special order most anything from insect suppliers on the Internet.

This makes sense when you consider that insects and crustaceans are both classified as arthropods, meaning they have an exoskeleton and segmented bodies. While habitat destruction and climate change make the population uncertain, there are more than 1, edible insect species. The FAO suggests the larvae of the black soldier fly, common housefly, and the yellow mealworm have the most potential for large-scale feed production, which would also help to reduce land pressures.

Insects are the new frontier in nutrition.

why should we not eat bugs

Plus, they require significantly less space to rear.

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Grub's up! How eating insects could benefit health