The characteristics of good leaders and the example of mosess leadership in the bible

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According to Sewakpo the one characteristic common to all leaders is the ability to make things happen—to act in order to help others work in an environment within which each individual serving under him finds himself encouraged and stimulated to a point where he is helped to realise his fullest potential to contribute meaningfully Sewakpo, Abraham was not only courageous but loyal to the members of his clan, even one who left to live in Sodom.

The Art and Science of Leadership.

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Forgiving: This can be seen from the way he pleaded for his sister and brother, Miriam and Aaron respectively, when they murmured against him for his foreign wife Numbers He went from being a shepherd to a general, but soon after, he was hunted by Saul the king of Israel.

Intimacy with God preceded service.

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Nehemiah began to rebuild both the walls and the spiritual lives of the people, as he became their governor. And we are fortunate that some of his good leadership tips were recorded for us to learn and apply in our own lives at those times when we are leaders.

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What Does the Bible Say About Qualities Of A Good Leader?