The friendship between lennie and george in the story of mice and men

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Certain that the angry group would be merciless to Lennie and with the pure intention of avoiding trouble for his friend whom he protected with all earnestness, sincerity and love for this long, George takes it upon himself to deliver a peaceful death for his friend and shoots him in the head. This is in contrast to many of the other characters who are alone by themselves which seems to be the norm at the time of the Great Depression. He lies to his boss that Lennie is his cousin and tries to shield him as much as possible from the dangers of the world. George on the other hand, cannot properly care for Lennie in a way that is necessary for friendship. Evidence But not us! Candy then told George that it would be more comforting to know that he shot the dg himself. A lot of the characters have a tone made to sound suspicious, which I think is purposely written in to the novel be John Steinbeck. This is also emphasizes the oppressive nature of society at the time because Crooks is lonely for he has been segregated. Throughout the book Steinbeck uses many characters to emphasize a message which he wants to get across to the reader. They are complete opposites, yet they share a journey through the struggles of The Great Depression as friends and have faith in the same dream. As a hint of his mental disability, we find at the very beginning of the novel an instance where Lennie is caressing a dead mouse. But this unity may come at a cost; true friendship requires sacrifice. Living life with whom a person loves greatly increases happiness and trust between those in the relationship.

Their friendship is seemingly out of place, with no other as strong as theirs mentioned. This essay will prove that friendship is important in life. Although near opposites of each other, these two have held a strong bond to one another since they were young.

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Thus the reliance of each of the main characters on one another emphasizes how important the friendship is in keeping both them and the novella together. When she died, he took Lennie and cared for him.

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The next day George meets Slim, a mule driver and an influential person in the ranch and they get to understand each other. Steinbeck incorporates the literary technique of imagery mental pictures in this chapter. At first this rare relationship is not obvious, it seems that george doesn't like Lennie, and see's him as a burden. People found it unusual because at the time of the Great Depression, no one had friends because everyone was in competition for the same jobs. George confides in Slim about his true relationship with Lennie a childhood friend and the troubles that Lennie lands them into so often. In the opening Steinbeck describes the setting as a tranquil and peaceful scene, which is almost like the Garden of Eden this, is almost too good to be true this also describe George and Lennie's dream. Although near opposites of each other, these two have held a strong bond to one another since they were young. Time and again George has to intervene to protect Lennie from many precarious circumstances which he manages to land himself into because of his naive nature. Author: Josh Garten. Lennie does not benefit him in any way and therefore the friendship cannot be beneficial to anyone but Lennie and thus, they did not have a true and strong friendship. That just goes to show that in those times their relationship that George and Lennie both share, is unique. A friend is someone who gives a person the freedom to be who they rightfully are. This suggests that Steinbeck wants to show Lennie as having the mind of a little boy; when he says this, you think of when a son would say this to a father figure — in this case George — in order to get some kind of reaction. From the start of the novel, Lennie is shown to be very childlike.

This shows a cyclical occurrence. George is very fit, healthy and ready to brace anything thrown at him, whereas Lennie is described as much more careless and in a world of his own. This is what Steinbeck uses to undermine the idea of the American Dream for it is not even realistic despite co-operation.

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He treats us early in the novel that is better to kill a suffering dog than to let it live and suffer. These observations are intended to improve your ability to see and interpret key ideas and events in the story.

Why does Lennie always want to carry a mouse with him? This pulls them together through the most stressful parts of the novel.

The friendship between lennie and george in the story of mice and men
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