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The staff of the Secretariat had certain privileges and immunities in their official capacities. Fourthly, the League had double standards inasmuch as it favoured the capitalist bloc of powers and adopted a biased and prejudiced attitude towards the communist bloc of powers.

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Any conflict between the member and non-member states was also taken up by the Council, which would diffuse the crisis by an acceptable settlement. In your outline, please include: How many people you intend to impact; The key people who will help you implement your plan; and One year from now, what does your project look like your end goal?

Functions and Achievements of the League: The league started functioning with a note of promise. Rules and Prizes Entrants must be a middle school student in Durham or Orange county.

This arms race was a direct challenge to the League.

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He was nearly there. Article 11 stated that, any conflict between two nations that resulted in war and ended with a victor would be a failure on the League.

It conducted a supervision over the safe return of the war prisoners. It is, therefore, small wonder that the League time and again condoned all the lapses of Italy and Germany and did not adopt a tough line against them.

The League asked Greece to pay a huge sum as compensation to Italy. Every member state referring a dispute to the court could appoint one judge of its nationality, if it had no such judge in the court. They gave lip-service to the League.

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This was backed by wide public support. We have just been given a one-minute warning and so as you can see, our noses are going up with the sellotape. Following World War One, Europeans were struggling to restore some sense of normalcy for themselves and their families. It also suggested the use of economic and military force by all states against the warring state. But the League still looms large. Become a Sponsor or attend one of our fun events. Those countries that signed the Versailles Peace Treaty and accepted the Covenant of the League before 20 March were the original members. As a matter of fact, the conditions of the global war like the reactions 21 to the horrors of the war and the desire to keep the balance of power for the safeguard of the nations were the immediate factors responsible for this world body. At the close of the Napoleonic War there came into being a peace machinery called the Concert of Europe.
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Essay on The League of Nations