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The trip leads the two to become more than just friends, like brothers born of the same mother. All rights reserved. Once Walter Mitty had dropped of Still, it is easy to become over cynical when considering Guevara's ironic transformation from socialist revolutionary to capitalist cash-cow. Harley and the Davidson brothers. The two decide to use an old motorcycle to go across the continent that they lived in so that they could see how their continent looks like and whether the books are telling them the truth. Topic sentence introduces point of difference between texts Focus on a specific chapter follows the process of discovery from experiences to realisation Where McComb distances himself from others, Guevara welcomes interaction as a means of learning more about himself and the wider world. From this statement, one can derive that Che is someone that is concerned with the welfare of other people and would do anything to support the poor and the helpless in the society. It is also to be noted that over the course of their 8, miles journey, they get to make a discovery of themselves in addition to the discovery of their continent.

Melbourne: Ocean Press, The Motorcycle Diaries is structured as 46 brief diary entries over nine months from December with each chapter crafted as a discrete moment of discovery.

Distribution of Harley-Davidson motorcycles is accomplished through privately owned dealerships around the world. Whether travelling through the Australian countryside or Latin America, both texts reveal an emotional resilience in understanding humanity and our world.

Furthermore, the aspect that indicates that Che is a good guy is that throughout the trip band across all the places that they went, he stood by his friend, showing that he is good person that can be trusted by others.

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The question Discoveries often require individuals to reconsider their perspective and develop a new understanding of the world around them. Mitty and is constantly nagging him and bringing him back to reality. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernesto Guevara were capable, not only of portraying the society in which they are immerse, but also to convey them in an exquisite social critique. Countries such as the United States, Great Brittan and France still greatly profit over the countries they left as independent years ago. Throughout this story Walter Mitty shows that he is very forgetful and a really stubborn man with a vivid imagination. Although the catalyst for these travels vary, both texts explore the emotional discovery possible from new experiences. The first thing that indicates that he is a good guy is that despite knowing that if he drops out of school eh will not be able to graduate, he decides to embark on a trip with his friend Alberto. Che pledges to fight and even die for the course of defending the poor in the society as well as want to see the Latin America become a united continent. Harley and the Davidson brothers.

Throughout this story Walter Mitty shows that he is very forgetful and a really stubborn man with a vivid imagination. Get Essay When we engage in different experiences, we uncover aspects of our self that lead to emotional revelations.

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That, and the fact that "Che's revolutionary ideals no longer pose much of a threat in the post-cold-war world" as "thirty years have tamed the anti-imperialist tiger and turned him into a rebel without claws"[3]. From the film, one can say that Che is not a bad guy; therefore I would say that he is a good guy Guevara, n.

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