Town life versus country life

Chances are that the family hosting the wedding will have no problem accommodating so many guests, because their close friends will be more than willing to put up the wedding party in their homes.

Because all important administrative offices are situated in the cities. For these reasons their ideas are narrow.

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Advertisement There are no economic benefits to the villages when this happens. They just earn, eat and live.

Town life versus country life paragraph

Its streets are always noisy. Their sources of entertainment and amusements are very few. Less Stressful Living in large cities in India amongst a multitude of relatives calls for unending social obligations, and it seems like you are constantly on the run. Their food is also machine-cooked. New factories and motor vehicles are launching almost every day and mass industrialization is the reason behind of this type of pollution. There are good supplies of fresh vegetables and fruits and milk in villages which we do not get in town. Floor Space in the Country Vs the City Although house prices on average are more expensive in the country, if you lived in Powys, Wales, you'll get more for your money than in Cardiff. Hearing a car — a single car — drive by within a kilometer is a noticeable event. All these things are cheap in the country. Due to low population density in the rural areas, the village folks are exposed to a lot of risks. Each life has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Living in the city will be completely different to living in the country and vise versa. We only seek to cover our costs, the rest of the money goes directly into the community. Machine-made joys rule city life. In contrast, rural people have a direct relationship with nature and all natural elements influence on their living.

similarities between city life and country life

Division of labor and specialize job allotment are always present in an urban community. In every UK region, a house in the country is more expensive than a house in the city.

People love to choose city life because of various facilities. Getting a social life can be very difficult. Entertainment venues, such as nightclubs, cinemas, coffee shops and fast food restaurants make life more fulfilling and fun.

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City Life is Better Than Village Life