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The fact that the story involves vampires may be beside the point. Don't believe me? Rating 7. The book offers escapism into a world where the person you love, loves you back in the same hopelessly devoted way. Overall, I believe Twilight deserves a 7. One of the influences that Meyer lists for her writing is Romeo and Juliet. The Indians supposedly survived by tying their canoes to the tops of the tallest trees. She got to meet Jacob Black and was a werewolf.

Bella appears much smarter than her father since her frequent lies keep him thoroughly in the dark. There is also the not And to top it all off, it was so bad, like, eye bleeding bad! Postscript: Aileen read this book and promptly read the other three volumes in the series.

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Before Bella's mom, Renee, remarried, Bella was in charge. The pace of the story is upped and their love is put to the test. Suicide: Before her vampire days, Esme lost a baby.

When her mother gets remarried, Bella Swan moves in with her father, Charlie, who lives in a small town on Washington's Olympic Peninsula, where it rains nearly all the time.

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Authority Roles Bella's dad, Charlie, is a bachelor who spends most of his time fishing, watching sports or working. It is a revelation to vampire fiction; what was once a terrifying beast that preyed on the vulnerable and weak has become something to aspire too, something to behold and even love. Do I smell? Her mother's voice on the phone was from an old videotape. Anyone notice something? What was wrong with him? After he does so he discusses both her taste and her smell and how enchanting it is to him. Finally, the book promotes reading with a protagonist who is fairly cool, popular and has a boyfriend, yet chooses to read in her free time. The book is set in Forks, Washington considered the most cloudy area in the U. Producers often use a book as a springboard for a movie idea or to earn a specific rating. Like, really? The lack of overt sexuality means that it is not an erotic book, but it is very nearly so.

She jumped off a cliff in her grief. Alice and Jasper go with Bella to her home, where she quickly packs and lies to her dad, telling him she can no longer live in Forks.

Bella soon finds out, however, that not all vampires in her life are constrained by such scruples.

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And ya know? He says Bella's scent is like his "exact brand of heroine. Edward reveals that he initially avoided Bella because the scent of her blood was so desirable. Conceded much? Finally, the book promotes reading with a protagonist who is fairly cool, popular and has a boyfriend, yet chooses to read in her free time. I would love to have a love connection like they do but I think Bella made a big mistake for falling in love with Edward. Jacob tells Bella about Quileute Indian legends dating back to the time of Noah and the flood. Another issue readers may have is the believability of the romance; those with a sceptical view of the all-consuming love experienced by Bella and Edward will have trouble enjoying the book, and will probably find it more obsessive than anything. These undead friends have chosen to deny their urge to drink human blood, instead slaking their thirst with the blood of animals. The book has been praised for its treatment of sexuality and morality. Bella goes to school and during lunch she first cast her eyes on the Cullen family. And she's all like, "Ohhhh, I hate this place.

I've been sleeping here, you know," she announced, proud of herself. They drive her to Phoenix while Edward and the others protect her father and track James. James says he has a sixth sense when he's hunting.

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