Violent sports negative effects upon society

Emotion Review, 7 1 Sloanp.

how does violence in sports affect our lives

These cases comprise only a small portion of the violent and aggressive acts committed by men in the professional athletic community. Male athletes, tears, and masculinity in North America. Fans started rioting when the home team, seemingly on the way to victory, underwent a dramatic batting collapse.

Conversely, marginal sports, like tennis, are less historically relevant and often make less money, thus rendering the athletes who participate in them less popular and socially powerful Messner, Research supports this assertion, in that athletes who play sports like football and basketball display higher levels of hyper-masculinity and sexual aggression and hold stronger beliefs in gender inequality than did athletes who play marginal sports, like swimming and tennis Gage, ; McCauley et al.

why do we like violence in sports

Johnson and Hutton used the House-Tree-Person test to determine the cathartic effects of a combative sport by testing eight college wrestlers approximately three weeks before season, and again the morning after the competition.

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Violence : Sports And Its Effect On Society