Why is africa so under developed

Conquest by stealth is a far more attractive proposition cheaper in every way than full military invasion. Africa had trading systems which had developed over hundreds of years — well before Europeans ever arrived on their shores. They also disconnect businesses from their clients. The respondents said that corruption in the region was increasing despite the campaigns and activism by civil society and the population.

Bantus, and the Zulus expanded and subjected and pushed out the initial inhabitants of the lands the migrated to.

Internal causes of underdevelopment in africa

Although some governments in the region have taken up the matter of basic education provision as a government project, many areas lack schools and even where schools are, they are sparsely located posing a challenge to the young children who would rather help at home than make the long walk to school. In Nigeria, the Boko Haram insurgency has led to over , deaths since it started its brutal operation six years ago. Triangular trade Starting from the arrival of Portuguese ships on west African shores in , the Europeans set up an elaborate triangular trading system to transport enslaved Africans, import plantation produce, and export European goods to both Africa and the Americas. The police were identified as the most corrupt group across the region. The Aztecs were no worse than the Spanish, but they were not the saints you seem to think. To sum up, we can say that an unequal trading system has been imposed on Africa by Europe from the mid fifteenth century onwards. Physical factors, including transportation difficulties and climate.

The huge patchwork of ethnicities. The only reason China didn't colonize Vietnam was because the Vietnamese were able eventually to defeat the Chinese and drive them out, but China a couple times in its history tried to colonize Vietnam.

why africa is still underdeveloped

The Turks colonized a lot of southeastern Europe, and the only reason they did not colonize more of Europe was because they were beaten back, twice, at Vienna. In what way did they surpass Europe?

This remarkable irony points not only to technological advance in Europe but also, and most importantly, to the stagnation of technology in Africa owing to the trade with Europe.

Before the Europeans arrived in Africa, Africa had vibrant economic, social and political structures. Europeans relied heavily on Indian cloths for resale in Africa.

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7 Top Reasons Why Africa Is Still Poor,