Why turkey should not join the eu essay

Why turkey should not join the eu essay

Before the start of the Accession negotiations Turkey was given a recommendation to carry out further political, economic and social reforms. A Cyprus settlement might have had a positive effect by permitting the unblocking of chapters but despite intensive negotiations, it has not been possible to reach it. But Turkey is a large country with a growing economy. As a requirement of the initiation of accession negotiations, the government had had to agree not to discriminate among the members of the EU. Erdogan has indicated his approval of reinstating the death penalty to punish those involved in the coup, with the EU suggesting that this would end its EU ambitions. The Treaty of Lisbon made it possible for a country to leave the union. Cyprus is an insurmountable obstacle. In the first place, it has to be recognised that all the Turkish governments that succeeded each other sometimes very rapidly in the s and s failed to exploit the possibilities offered by the Association relationship. Turkey is located close to countries like Iran, Iraq and Syria, which means that these countries will become located closer to the EU. Accession negotiations are not going to resume in the foreseeable future. With a population predicted to reach 91 million by , it will be the dominant member of the EU. This is also a problem for Turkey itself. In the 60s, many Turkish men came to countries like Germany and the Netherlands. Per-capital income has increased six-fold and the average Turk is now better off than his or her Romanian and Bulgarian counterparts in the EU. Turkey has been waiting for its accession to the EU for now 30 years.

That means that in the first years Turkey will mostly benefit from its membership. They had the intention to stay for just a few years and then leave back to Turkey, but most of them stayed. It did not take observers in Brussels and the Member State capitals long to see how insincere the rulers of Turkey were in their quest for accession and start shirking their own commitments towards it.

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If Turkey would be allowed to join the EU, it will lead to a new flow of immigrants into Europe. Turkey has originally applied to join what was then the EC on April 14th but was rejected in December Negotiation progress[ edit ] Table of chapters[ edit ] To accede to the EU, Turkey must successfully complete negotiations with the European Commission on 33 of the 35 chapters of the acquis communautairethe total body of EU law.

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Unfortunately, it is a mistake that cannot be undone. S History Of The World.

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Turkey┬┤s Aim to Join the European Union Essay