Work-life balance benefits and barriers thesis

According to Drew et al. By the beginning of the twenty-first century a major change in European society had taken place LandGatrellwhere due to anti- discrimination laws, increasing numbers of women entered Universities Figure 2. Parents with children under the age of six have the highest level of work-life conflict.

For that reason, private relationships and professional relationships between women and superiors will be considered. Therefore, a lack of standardisation can lead to unfair treatment in companies. Additionally, interactions between the company and private environment will be considered in order to explore if there is a connection between work-life balance and working performance.

It aims at identifying key challenges and individual solutions for how women in senior positions can manage their balance in order to combine work and family.

Additionally, people may be involved outside their work and family roles such as community roles Jones et al.

work life balance dissertation proposal

Therefore, motherhood makes women less desirable as employees Gatrell Having evaluated the existing literature on work-life balance, the following chapter outlines the research design adopted for this current study. In order to achieve a satisfactory work-life balance, women have to make decisions and set priorities BailynHakimTom However, performance management systems appear to promise more than they The hybrid figurine of a modified hula doll, adapted The second objective is to observe the influence of a satisfactory work-life balance on job performance.

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Work Life Balance and Benefits Thesis