Writing a college admissions letter of recommendation

Try beginning your letter with something the person tasked with screening hundreds possibly thousands of recommendation letters will remember. His character and personality are admirable.

Research the institution. In the letter, provide specific examples of ways in which the person has demonstrated various skills and qualities. Frankly, I am impressed with her aggressiveness, creativity, determination and ability to schedule extracurricular activities around a full academic workload.

Please review the. They will also look for evidence that the student has shown growth and strong academic performance with specific examples of how the student has demonstrated these abilities.

I believe her senior year grades are a much better reflection of her ability. A college application letter serves as a shortcut through the pile of paper that is the modern-day college application.

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We also realize that he is pushing academic boundaries in his community and making opportunities for himself — a trait that is especially important for a candidate seeking college admissions a year early. From serving as a counselor-in-training in eighth grade to being promoted to head counselor last year, I have watched Peter develop into a confident and capable leader.

All of our sample college. He is a natural leader who can always be counted on. Get help now.

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During our time together, Annie displayed great talents in technical applications, such as Photoshop, InDesign and other graphic design tools.

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College Recommendation Letter Sample