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Would she have killed again, if she had not been caught the first time? She was then sentenced to life imprisonment, with the possibility of parole. They pinged Elizabeth's cellphone, and though it showed the location as being the woods where her body lay, the police searched the area without locating her, or her cell phone.

It was ahmazing. There's no rehabilitation for her. InBrenda Spencer, 16, bored of Mondays at school, loaded the semiautomatic rifle her father had given her and blazed away, killing two adults and injuring eight children and a cop.

In the end, after a letter led police to Alyssa, she confessed.

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The circus had come to town: reporters were allowed inside. But Missouri has an unusual two-pronged system for dealing with young offenders, one that mirrors Canada's. Later, she was ordered by the judge to Fulton State Hospital for evaluation. Bustamante didn't show up for school the day after the murderher first and only unexcused absence. Police have speculated that the reason that Alyssa had dug not one, but two graves, was because she had planned to murder her two younger brothers, but had instead grabbed the opportunity to kill Elizabeth when it presented itself. She had many online accounts, but it was noted on her YouTube account in particular that she listed her hobbies as "killing people" and "cutting". She listed "killing people" as one of her hobbies under her profile. More than two years later, on January 10, , Alyssa Bustamante pleaded guilty to second degree murder and armed criminal action. She is hanging out with her former best friend Jennifer when she says: "'I just wonder what it would be like just to kill someone, see the life just drain out of someone. The simple explanation given by Alyssa herself was that she wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone. The defense filed a motion to suppress Alyssa's confession.

The judge agrees and Alyssa's confession is thrown out. I'm kinda nervous and shaky though right now. Later, she was ordered by the judge to Fulton State Hospital for evaluation. The searchers included dogs, firefighters, police, helicopters, FBI, and highway patrol.

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The police had gathered some evidence, writings that led to the teenager. She was a "cutter"; someone who generally deals with emotional pain by cutting and inflicting physical pain on themselves, or self-mutilating.

Alyssa appeared to like hurting herself and others.

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